Wooden Dish Brush with Replaceable Head


Our wooden dish brush is a sustainable switch for your plastic dish brushes. The handle and brush head are made from Bamboo with agave fiber bristles. It is held together with silver metal wire and includes a small wire loop at the end for hanging to dry. This brush can be used to wash general dishes and loosen stuck on food. We also like to use it to clean stubborn stains around the house. 

Pair it with our other all natural brushes and soaps, as well as soap and brush dishes. And don't forget to buy some additional replaceable heads! See the Pairs Well With section below for more all natural brushes, soap blocks and a vintage dish to set it out on the counter. 


The Fern and Gretel dishwashing setups are the top selling items on our site and what Kassina uses daily (she uses the Gretel, which is larger. The Fern is perfect for folks with little counter space). 


5" L x 2" W x 2" H