Diversity & Inclusivity


A message from our owner + principal, Kassina.

The short:

Trust that we are actively pursuing an inclusive and responsive environment. We recognize it’s a journey and you have our commitment to improve as we learn. Every individual and their unique experience is important to us. You are welcome here.

The long:

As a creator, I find it’s our unique backgrounds and experiences that make the world this perfect piece of art. Please know that when you read this, we’re not just another company, led by a white straight person, tossing out a scripted message just so we can check a box. As a female-led business in a male-dominated industry and someone who experienced life-altering trauma that led me to start this company, I have a deep understanding that it’s our experiences that shape who we are and that not everyone is treated equally. I know that my experience is different from yours and I don’t pretend to understand yours. But I believe that if we approach each other with empathy, recognize that our experiences are different, and that each person’s reaction to their experience is unique to them, we can move forward in peace and work towards healing. I know that trauma is real and that the spaces we inhabit need to better support those who have experienced it.

There’s a reason we have a creative studio combined with our offices and shop. It’s to have this beautiful melting pot of people coming together to create, better their homes, and celebrate each other in a positive space. I don’t have all the answers and know that I have a lot to learn when it comes to communities I don’t identify with. That I’ll mess up and have to pivot. But I do so humbly. I promise to listen and am truly energized by the eclectic world we live in. I lead by example and expect the same from our team. As a female small business owner in the construction industry I have my own experiences with being told you’re less than. It is infuriating when people don’t see you for what you bring to the table and instead just look at a label. Your gender, who you love or the color of your skin don’t define your soul, but I deeply recognize it shapes your experiences. Our world has a lot of work to do in order to create a welcoming environment for many communities.

So here at Hello Norden, you are seen and heard. We promise to do the work and to be part of the conversation. We are actively learning how to be anti-racist and anti-oppressive. We know that we can’t guarantee a safe space for you, but you can trust that we’re actively trying, willingly listening, and swiftly adapting as we learn.

So much respect to you, Kassina.