Sales Staff & "More"

We’re moving and need more help! We’re looking for a few core needs to be filled, and then “extras” that you’ll take on depending on your past experience. 

Core Needs/Tasks: 

Shop Salesperson

  • Proven ability to close high-end furniture sales
  • Follow-up with customers once they’ve left the shop to finalize a sale
  • Sell made-to order furniture and have the ability to talk about the various options then calculate pricing on the fly
  • Follow-up with vendors to place orders
  • Must work weekends. We will work with you to figure out a schedule. You’ll split time with other team members to staff each day. We’re currently open Wed-Sunday so you must work be open to working those days 
  • Open and close shop
  • Clean shop
  • Unpack inventory, style the shop and update inventory in the system 


  • Everyone on the team has to help fulfill online orders. We have a lead fulfillment team member, and you'll be an additional set of hands hands

Additional Needs: We have a lot of needs in our small business. Which of these additional items do you have experience with: 

  • Helping launch our trade, affiliate and content creator programs. 
  • Once live, you’ll own the programs. Reaching out to the trade, growing our trade program locally and nationally, reaching out to content creators and fulfilling their collaboration details. 
  • Project Management - we use ClickUp. Our owner is a master PM, advertising and programming wiz. But she can’t do it all. We’re looking for someone who can have a good understanding of the business as a whole and help ensure that all aspects of what we’re doing are put into Clickup and that the team is getting their tasks done. 
  • Inventory replenishment orders and owning relationships with our vendors. Ensuring we’re never out of stock and that vendors are paid. Handle returns on damaged goods, etc. 

We’re opening to hiring part-time or full-time. It’ll be an hourly employee position. You'll have paid time off. The reason we’re open to part or full-time is because you may be an absolute rock star on the sales floor, and able to help with the trade, affiliate and content creator needs. But let's say that’s only 30hrs a week. We can roll with that. But maybe you can help with more of the above list and have 40hrs available. That’s great, too! 

Must have 5+ years experience in a high-end retail shop or similar experience such as an interior designer or marketing/advertising.

When you respond, please let us know which of the "additional" items you can help with.

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Please email your resume to wecare @ hellonorden.com as soon as you're done filling out this form.