Shop Sales Lead & Manager

Description of Duties

You’ll be Kassina’s right-hand person who manages the brick and mortar side of the business as well as all vendor relationships, stock and order management, and customer service. You’ll excel at showroom sales as well as manage the showroom team and sales goals. You are the leader of the Brick n Mortar side of the business and will help us grow this location as well as future locations.

A breakdown of duties: 

  • Be driven on the showroom floor. Establish goals and beat them. You’re the main/lead showroom floor staffer. 
  • Show a proven record of growing our Brick n Mortar sales. 
  • Create schedules and manage brick and mortar staffing. 
  • Establish a process for creating sales goals and tracking them. 
  • Larger sales take time. As an organized mastermind, you’ll excel at following up with leads and closing them.
  • Hire and train any new staffers.
  • Organize yourself and be tech savvy. We use ClickUp for project management, Canva for design/information management, and Slack for communication. 
  • Manage brick and mortar daily needs including the team, signage, cleaning, restocking, styling, etc. 
  • Create a regular in-store events schedule. Manage and staff all events.
  • Manage ecommerce and brick and mortar customer service.
  • Manage fulfillment team.
  • Generate client design leads from in-store shoppers. Create a contract and land the project. 
  • Once the contract is signed, lead design & fulfillment on client design projects.
  • Grow and nurture our trade program.
  • Grow and nurture local relationships + programs. For example, local designers, real estate agents, etc. 
  • Launch our Made-To-Order furniture line and continue expanding it over time. 
  • Master our Made-To-Order Furniture line and find unique ways to grow it.
  • Place all stocking orders with our vendors, handle budgets and payments.
  • Organize all vendor payments in drive and with the accountant.
  • Plan future inventory needs according to seasons and marketing calendar.
  • Manage the creation of new products in the system.
  • Manage inventory when new products and restocks arrive.
  • Stay on top of trends, source new products and find new vendors.
  • Curate and maintain unique vendors - for ex, BIPOC-owned, LGBTQIA+-owned, Trauma Makers, Local Makers, etc. 
  • Work with Marketing and our ad vendor to grow and nurture influencer and affiliate marketing.
  • Help plan future expansion with Kassina - there are lots of opportunities and we’ll choose what and when to expand based on research. For example, becoming a vendor at Round Top, additional brick and mortar stores, product lines with bigger companies, offering wholesale, etc. 
  • Expand the Hello Norden branded lines with Marketing. For example, new all natural apothecary + body products, getting our own lines into other shops such as Target (i.e. HN patterns on wallpaper, towels, etc), or a partnership with LoLoi type of thing. You’ll help execute it as our product manager.
  • Help Marketing with marketing calendar and content shoots.
  • Work hand-in-hand with Kassina and the PM/Ops manager as a trio leading the company’s vision and growth as well as daily actions. 

Your current shop hours will be 10-6 Wednesday - Friday and 9-5 on Saturday and Sunday. These may fluctuate with the season. As the main staffer and leader, you must be flexible as the hours require, though they will not deviate from this greatly. 

Hello Norden sales are primarily 70% online and 30% brick and mortar. Your job is to help grow the brick and mortar side of the business. Please note that we just moved to this location so we’re currently a very small team and growing. Your job is to come in as the brick and mortar leader and help take the shop to another level, be reliable, on time and not rely on others to cover for you. This is not a “one of many people” retail role where you can be super flexible and call in sick at the last minute on a regular basis, have someone else pick up your shift whenever you’d like, etc. As the shop grows, your job will be to hire more of those types of roles. But that is not that role. If this is a problem for you, please do not apply.  Kassina does not work on the showroom floor so you are never to assume she’ll cover for you.

Diversity and Inclusivity is very important to us and we take it seriously. It is our uniqueness that makes us who we are and we love that. We do what we can to provide a safe space for all. And if we don't, it's our responsibility we quickly learn then pivot.

Project & Operations Manager

Project / Operations manager & Assistant.

Job Description: You’ll live in the details, keep people organized and thrive on checklists. You’re able to see the owner’s vision, then organize it all and make it happen. You’ll manage our operations as well as individual projects and serve as Kassina’s assistant. We use ClickUp so you must be proficient in project management methodologies and be able to keep that software organized and live in it along with doling out and managing the tasks of the team. 

You’ll work directly with the owner and execute their vision for the company. So not only will you be running the day-to-day you’ll also be the point person working on Hello Norden’s vision for the future. You’ll serve as the point person between Kassina and the team. You must be very digitally savvy and eCommerce proficient (we use Shopify). 

Key Projects / Tasks 

  1. Run weekly status meetings, ensure everything is in Click-up, and that everyone knows what they need to do for the week. 
  2. Run the shop and ensure we have what we need when it comes to all the misc things, and figure out enhancements where needed - for example, shipping materials, displays, ink, signage, employee access. Manage any enhancements that are needed. 
  3. Schedule employees in the shop and design/marketing team. Define who does what, especially when it comes to managing the shop as that’s pretty undefined at the moment. 
  4. Manage budget and vendor payments. Ensure all payments are made to vendors and utilities. 
  5. Be the point-person for all accounts and get everyone access to what they need. 
  6. Finalize the launch of our made-to-order furniture line. Then continue to enhance it.
  7. Lead the development of future branded pieces.
  8. Establish then manage PR opportunities, collaborations and licensing deals.
  9. Develop a marketing calendar and work with the team and vendors to execute the plan.
  10. Work with Heather (trade and vendor manager) to get our trade program launched and enhanced.
  11. Work with Gwyn (content manager) to set up an affiliate and collaboration program.
  12. Manage all contractor relationships, for example our Ad and collaboration company, developer, designer.
  13. Delegate and manage the work of our junior shop & design staff. Train them.
  14. Establish processes, create documentation then train people once you’ve executed them. 
  15. Help find additional hires or vendors. We’re still in the growth process so don’t have all of our needs sorted. And we need help sorting them. 
  16. Shopify and eCommerce knowledge is a must as you’ll manage our website analytics and enhancements. 
  17. Manage initial one-time CRO project. Then continue to refine enhancements over time. 
  18. Develop shop processes both in-store and eCommerce. We use Shopify. You’ll train people on the processes. 
  19. Handle contracts and operations-type training for new hires. 
  20. Manage any new store build-outs. 
  21. Assist the owner in any personal needs they may have. You’ll be their right-hand person. 
  22. Help customers in the shop. Our shop and studio is in one space, so we are all required to help customers and take turns doing so. You’ll be a staffer in the shop.
  23. Finalize our new employee process - handbook, benefits, etc, paperwork, training, etc. 
  24. Approve and run payroll each week, setup new employees in the system, etc. 
  25. Be the main point of contact for all employees from an HR perspective when it comes to putting out fires between staffers. 
  26. Find new vendors or hire new team members. Train them in. 
  27. Given the title of this role, additional tasks will come up as we grow and refine processes and it is to be expected that this will happen and that you’ll take them on.
  28. Success is defined by never letting shop sales surmount your duties as the Operations and Project Manager. Those always come first as that’s how we’ll grow and be successful as a whole.
  29. Should we take on client design work, you’ll manage the projects and be the main point of content for them. This includes a deep understanding of remodel and furnishing projects. 
  30. Establish client project budgets and manage contracts. 
  31. This is a critical role in the company as you’ll be the owner’s right-hand person helping to get them out of the weeds so they can lead the company while you execute the vision. We’re looking for someone who is excited about the brand, a leader, someone with immense digital savviness and ability to take high-level ideas, create a plan then execute it. We’re looking for someone who is excited to be with Hello Norden for years to come and to grow the company along with the owner. 

We’re a small all-hands-on-deck team so you’ll jump in on anything and everything from moving and lifting heavy furniture to cleaning bathrooms to helping unpack inventory and restock the shelves.

This is a full-time, hourly employee role. Must have 5+ years experience leading projects in the Design and eCommerce industry. If you don’t, please explain how your past experience is relevant. 

Diversity and Inclusivity is very important to us and we take it seriously. It is our uniqueness that makes us who we are and we love that. We do what we can to provide a safe space for all. And if we don't, it's our responsibility we quickly learn then pivot.

Ecommerce & Marketing Manager

Are you skilled in all things ecommerce, marketing and content and motivated by analyzing numbers as you grow a company? We’re looking for a creative and analytical leader who can handle all aspects of our marketing endeavors from owning website updates and optimizations, email, content, PR and more.

You’ll have a junior team member who you’ll work closely with. They’re great at social media engagement, video editing, Shopify updates etc. They work 30 hours per week and you’ll work closely with them executing the following:

Core Needs/Tasks: 

  • Proven ability to grow sales through the most gorgeous content you’ve ever seen.
  • Shopify management - everything from content updates to analyzing data to see what CRO needs to be done, to managing a dev partner.
  • Identify CRO opportunities, execute on them, then analyze data to track sales and determine success and next steps.
  • PR - identify opportunities to get our brand and owner featured on a regular basis. Weekly interviews and monthly engagements all tied back to a growth strategy.
  • PR - identify and execute partnership opportunities.
  • Launch and run our affiliate, loyalty and influencer programs.
  • Manage ad vendor.
  • Great writing skills and ability to craft copy in our brand voice.
  • Photography and video taking + editing.
  • Data mastermind. We need someone to own building out our data dashboard / process. It doesn’t need to be overly complicated. We have all necessary tracking parameters in place just no one analyzing the full picture.
  • Handle all graphic design needs. We have a defined brand so it’s pretty straightforward and basic. We do need signage out front so want your help with this right away. We handle most of it in Canva. But knowing Adobe will be good for editing and some other tasks from time to time.
  • We’re currently launching our made to order furniture line and need some initial help flushing that out.
  • Develop yearly content calendar at a high level, then flush it out in more detail quarterly and monthly.
  • Have a solid pulse on competitors and the industry. Help us be rule breakers and never follow trends.
  • Develop weekly blogging schedule for community and SEO purposes.
  • Manage SEO vendor, Google listing, etc.
  • Manage email vendor or take email program internally.
  • Must be highly organized, a leader and do all things through the lens of garnering sales.
  • Ensuring all customer service inquiries are answered in a timely fashioned and the systems/tickets/DMs are kept cleaned up.
  • Fun! Content and marketing should be fun and energizing. There is so much opportunity to soar and we’re excited for the right person who can come in and take us to the next level.


  • We’re a brick n mortar store so everyone is expected to jump in and help from time to time. And while your role isn’t focused on this (we have staff whose sole focus is the shop), we are all team players so sometimes you’ll have to help. Whether it be bringing inventory to the basement, helping a customer if the shop is busy, filling in for a sick shop person etc. All hands on deck is needed.
  • Every so often you may be needed on a weekend. We’re currently open Wed-Sunday so you if we have an event, or need backup help, you may be needed. This won’t be a regular thing, not even semi-regular, but we are a store so it’s important we call it out. 

Additional Needs: We have a lot of needs in our small business. Can you help with any of the following?

  • Project Management and Customer Service platform lead - we use ClickUp and Gorgias. Our owner is a master PM, advertising and programming wiz. But she can’t be in the trenches while running a business. We’re looking for someone who can have a good understanding of the business as a whole and help ensure that all aspects of what we’re doing are put into Clickup and that the team is getting their tasks done. And keeping both ClickUp and Gorgias organized and cleaned up. Nothing drives her mad like a disorganized system and while you wouldn’t own managing the tasks for folks, it’d be nice to have you manage ensuring our systems being used, and are cleaned and organized.
  • Tech guru - handle all things tech. It’s pretty basic but it’d be nice to get “how do I get logged in again?” Questions off our owner’s plate.

This is an hourly employee position that’s most likely full time. The reason we say it’s most likely full-time is because you may be an absolute rock star and not need it to be 40hrs per week. We can roll with that. We have a lot of 30-35hr a week folks on the team. That said, we’re not interested in agencies or content creators who manage multiple brands or folks who only do content. We need someone who is focused on us so that we can really hone in on our ecommerce and marketing endeavors and grow. Our owner has 22+ years advertising experience for some of the biggest names brands so you’ll have an excellent partner in strategy, brainstorming and leadership.

Must have 5+ years experience with proven growth metrics.

As an employee you’ll have paid time off and get other benefits such as unemployment etc.

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