About Us

Hello Norden is an architectural and interior design + home goods company in Minneapolis, MN, serving clients nationwide. Our offices and store is located in Minneapolis. We are Misfits of Creation, as we break the industry stereotypes and forge our own way of doing things. Without the pompous. Without trends. Without Keeping up With the Jones'. We create one-of-a-kind spaces filled with character by blending old with new and utilizing our signature Nervous System Regulating Design approach, which promotes calm and wellness in our spaces by keeping your nervous system balanced. We create life-long connected relationships with our clients and customers with the goal of bettering their lives through highly-customized designs and furnishings done in an approachable way. The type of places that make you feel good, welcoming enough to put your feet up and relax. Spaces that you just can't quite put your finger on the WHY, you just know you love being there.

If you're looking for a partner to help push your ideas further and make something truly unique to you, please do not hesitate to reach out. We're happy to provide architectural and interior design plans for large additions, full space remodels and new builds, or to help you furnish your space in a way that promotes wellness, is uniquely you and done in a radical break-the-stereotypes way.

Diversity and inclusivity is very important to us. Creating a safe space for marginalized communities, and continually learning and adapting, is something we take seriously. As a trauma-suvivor and someone who never fit in, Kassina has always felt like a misfit (hey, it's even our slogan) and has a deep love and admiration for the other misfits in this world. After all, we're truly the best, aren't we?

Feel free to look around, then reach out by clicking the "Inquire Here" button below. Be Well, Kassina

Meet Kassina

Kassina, owner + principal, gained attention for her extensive historic home transformation putting her signature look and term “textural layers” on the map. Coming from an extended family who built dozens of their own homes, she was born with a hammer in hand and has a deep knowledge of how things are built. Her desire to make things exceptionally beautiful led her to pursue design and architecture. Her vast building knowledge pushes her designs forward as she’s not afraid to think big and can see something stunning in the worst of spaces. It’s her firm belief that the faucet we choose has everything to do with whether or not we vault the ceiling.

The unique combination of interior and architectural design as one brings cohesion to a space and elevates her projects into works of art. Her designs are modern but lived in, sophisticated but approachable, and tell the inhabitant’s story with a combination of new and vintage materials in every space. She coined the term textural layers as it’s through architectural interest, not fluffy pillows, that character and uniqueness are made. We thrive on the big whole-home or commercial renovation and addition projects, but are happy to do a bathroom, too.

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