Millie All Natural Dishwashing Set - Large Soap & Dish Scrubber Brush

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Millie Marble Dish (Color)
Savon de Marseille - Large Soap Cube (Color)
Dish Scrubber Brush (Style)
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One all natural soap to clean your home, body and clothes? Absolutely. The origins of savon de Marseille go back 700 years and is still based on the simple 5 ingredient all natural vegetable oil recipe that is strong enough for the toughest laundry stains, yet soft enough for sensitive skin. 

The all natural category can often leave you longing for something gorgeous. So as designers who love timeless design and tradition, we knew we could do better. So we've taken the Marseille soap and created a gorgeous dishwashing set that you'll love to see on your countertop each day.

This set comes with our Millie marble dish, a large Savon de Marseille soap cube and a dish scrubber brush. 

Choose from olive green (based on olive oil) or white (based on palm oil).

Our large soap blocks last 6-12 months with typical use. It's naturally biodegradable and can be used to clean just about anything in your home as well as your face, hair and teeth!

We pair this brush with the large soap block as there's more room on the Millie dish for a brush with the large soap block. If you'd like a long-handled brush, look for the medium soap block set, linked below. 

Each dish will have slight variances in the marbling.

The ingredients are listed below, but for those of us not well-versed on the scientific lingo, it's simply vegetable oils, salt, soda and water!


6.5 "W x 6.5"W x 0.8"H


sodium olivate, sodium palmate, aqua, sodium cocoate, sodium chloride, sodium hydroxyde

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