Hand-Carved Wood Taper Holders, Walnut Finish



The warmth and texture brought to your space with our hand-carved mango wood taper candle holders is so, so gorgeous. We love these in your living room, kitchen and even in the bedroom or bath. They're great on their own or grab a few to make a cozy eclectic tablescape. They go perfectly with our rustic taper candles (linked below and shown in the picture here). And they're great with our vintage wall art, vases and dishware. As we source items we try and make sure everything works well together to make it easy for you to create the custom cozy vibe we know you love. 

Sold individually. Since they're hand-carved, each one is unique.


Tall is 10" high and 4" wide. Short is 8.5" tall and 3.5" wide. They may vary slightly since they're hand-carved.


Mango wood

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