Fern Stone Biscuit Mold Plate


Our Fern rustic hand carved vintage stone plate adds so much texture to your space. Use it as a soap dish in your kitchen or bath (that's what Kassina does!), or as decor or a coaster on a coffee or console table. How cute as a coaster, right? This plate is hand carved out of stone from India for use as a biscuit mold. Such stories! 

The Fern is perfect as a smaller version of our all natural dishwashing set. Pair it with the small Savon de Marseille block and one brush. Or choose many brushes and store the extras elsewhere. These are perfect for someone with smaller counter space. Owner, Kassina, uses our larger Gretel plate and large soap block in her all natural and eco-friendly dishwashing setup and the Fern in her bathroom along with either the small or large soap block.

Every time she shares it on Instagram we sell out, so hurry as supplies often go out of stock and seeing as though these are vintage we never know if we can get more. 
See the Pairs Well With section below to choose your soap and which accessories are right for you.

For a dishwashing setup:

- Savon de Marseille All Natural small soap block (Olive or Cream)

- Wooden dish brush with replaceable head. Perfect for most dish cleaning.

- Replacement head (we recommend getting an extra one or two of these).

- Various scrub brushes for hard-to-get food, and cleaning veggies and bottles. 

For the bathroom: 

- Savon de Marseille All Natural small or large cube (Olive, Cream or Lavender) 

***Given these are vintage, no two plates are alike in size, depth or design and can vary quite a bit. You can also count on them to have chips. They don't take away from their function and we think they only add to their beauty and story. They’re all perfect in their own way and will look great in your space!


~5.5-6.5" diameter and ~ 5/8" thick