Astri Marble Coffee Table

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The beautiful Astri Marble Coffee Table is made of Black Marine Marble, Orange Lavante Marble, or Raj Grey Marble. Each marble table is unique with varying marble striations. The soft edges balance out the table's sleek and modern design. Note that due to the natural variances in marble, each table will vary in tone & vein markings.

Assembly required. These are solid marble so very sturdy and heavy. There's a metal frame under the top where you connect the legs, so it's a quick setup. Don't let the word orange fool you as it's a super gorgeous dessert like color. 


35.5" W x 35.5" D x 13.5" H


Orange Lavante Marble, Black Marble, Raj Grey Marble

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“When something happens to the magnitude of what happened to me, it changes you forever and makes you appreciate life,” Years after her traumatic experience, Kassina was experiencing sensory issues that she would later find out were physical manifestations of her trauma.

“Through research and therapy, I've learned that the way I was approaching design regulated the nervous system. Every human experiences the world through their nervous system, which then tells the brain how to respond. For trauma survivors and those with chronic stress, those signals get garbled and you can experience sensory overload. For years I was applying all these design principles that I didn’t have a name for, but they were ways to design spaces that I could comfortably exist in.”

All of her signature principles — specific light placement and dimming, acoustics, soft-edged furnishings, organic and monochromatic colors, shapes and textural layers — bring a sense of comfort and safety, as much as aesthetic, to regulate the nervous system. She launched her shop on a mission to bring her nervous-system-regulating principles to everyone. Even if someone hasn't experienced trauma they can bring a sense of calm to their home through her design principles and the goods she sells.