Sargent Modern Craftsman


What do you do when you live in a historic Craftsman house full of original architectural details, love mid-century design, and are a husband and wife with opposing preferences? The answer? Schmoosh them all together. While one wanted painted cabinetry, the other wanted stained. So we did both. We designed the sink cabinet to match the dining room hutch so there are elements in the kitchen that look like it was made 120 years ago. The sink cabinet and window have their moment as the focal point of that wall. But then you bounce to the other side and are surprised by a modern slab hood and matte glass backsplash tile all the way up, with no cabinetry so that the hood can just breath. Since a lot of the kitchen is painted, we went period-correct with vintage-inspired lighting and pulls and gorgeous thick mouldings. We curved the cabinetry to the back wall adding lots of extra storage in this galley kitchen and put it up on legs to create a lighter furniture effect. We custom-designed a hanging shelf rack above the window for additional storage and another wow-moment as the view when you enter the kitchen. They brought their love of mid-century in on the wallpaper only, so that should someone with different styles purchase the home, nothing more permanent would have to change. We danced from modern to historic, from his to her style, and the project came out with just the right balance between them all.