Irvine Patio

Finding out that, sadly, their two beloved pine trees needed to come down allowed for an otherwise unusable space to be transformed into an outdoor dining, living and pool area. This home is on the bluff so we had to tier the landscape to follow the slope. That turned out to be a fun design challenge as it allowed us to create separate purposeful areas. The goal was modern yet super cozy, with a "has this been here for 100 years?" vibe. We built a new 8' privacy fence, massive pergola, an intriquately laid stone wall (purposely) using found and mismatched stone to look like it has been in the South of France for years. We expertly unwound a 70+ year old grape vine and placed each strand on top of the new pergola for instant privacy. We used one of the tiers for a stock tank pool clad in cedar, which has proven to be the most used area. A massive fireplace (that's still temporary!) built entirely of reclaimed street pavers anchers the main living space. We wired electricity for a fan and speakers as well as some charming cafe lights that are perfect for evening movie sessions. All the furniture was custom made by Hello Norden and is avaiable for purchase through our site. All dining and living styling items are also from HN and available on our site. We love how this space came together with our signature layer upon layer of textures both old and new.