Kid Spaces


We love kid spaces. It’s a chance to create whimsey and playfulness and get back to the days when our biggest problem was which stuffed animal ate our plastic cookies. Kid spaces are all about playing in a safe space, and lots and lots of storage. They need to be durable to stand up to building forts and wrestling matches. And have a bit of sophistication so that they are still relevant for years to come. Our favorite is how much kids love cozy spaces. It helps them feel safe. You’ll see we created some built-in bunk beds in one room that is the ultimate kid zone. The space was long and narrow, so just putting normal bunks on one end would have left about 2’ of unused space at the foot. So instead, the built-in bunks house shelving on the ends so the kids can sit on the end of the mattress and play or read. We snuck in some cozy faux fur rugs and lamps so that they truly have a fort-like feel. The base of the bunks have lots of storage built-in and the look-out windows near the head of the bed create a fun ledge for glasses of milk.

Continuing with kids’ love for cozy nooks, a few others you’ll see have low angled ceilings, something an adult might cringe at but that helps a kid feel safe. We added 8” wide planks to the ceiling and built custom beds that sit low to the ground and house baskets for lots of bonus storage space. We continued with building custom pieces as desks, clothes racks, and to hold more toys and tv stands. We kept the materials consistent so that the room felt bigger. We built some custom light-fixtures in un-lacquered brass so they’d age for years to come and provide a lot of light where ceiling fixtures aren’t possible. And we even created a new small half-bath. The ceilings were so angled that a door wouldn’t work, but when you have an entire level dedicated to just two siblings who never close doors anyway, who cares, right? Just a toilet and small sink is perfect for them to get ready each morning and avoid having to walk downstairs in the middle of the night.