Berglin Primary Suite

Primary Bedroom + Bath

Our work on the Berglin Reno started with helping the homeowners choose which house to purchase based off our creative ideas and budget for what could be done to it. Once in, we opened up a wall and did a kitchen remodel as well as a refresh with paint and furnishings on the main level. Then we finished the attic into a primary suite. This was a completely unfinished space so we brought up all utilities (heat/cool, plumbing, electric). The budget was tight given we refreshed nearly the entire home so we had to get creative with finishes. When you finish a space, it’s amazing how much goes towards the stuff you don’t see. But we wanted the space to still be beautiful and custom, and one that allowed them to add to it with time should they want to. And I have to say, we were very impressed with how we were able to pull this together to have a completely unique look to them (hello, in a sea of all white homes at the time, they loved navy and gold, so we ran with it! Look at those gorgeous faucets!)